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Creating an eco wedding can be easier than you think. With lots of suppliers now changing their ways of working to an eco-friendlier way, it means there is more choice when it comes to creating your dream eco wedding. If the planet is important to you, and let’s face it, it should be, then there are many ways you can make your wedding day more sustainable. As an eco-friendly wedding photographer with green values, the planet is at the heart of everything I do, I’m committed to sustainability, including creating an eco-friendly wedding day, so I aim to help my couples and others where I can to do this. 
Finding an eco-friendly wedding venue is one of the biggest impacts and it’s a great place to start when planning. So, what questions should you ask and what do you need to know? I’m here to give you some help and start your wedding day planning as you mean to go on!

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o1 - Are They Certified As Sustainable?

A venue that prides itself on its eco practices will want to shout it from the rooftops and are likely to have an accreditation eg; Green Tourism Business. This is from a governing body that has assessed their venue and how green they are. There is generally a ranking system in place as with all governing bodies and they are likely to have this displayed. Don’t rule out a venue if they don’t have accreditation but make sure that they are open and ready to discuss their eco-friendly ways with you!

o2 - Are Their Food and Drink Sustainably Sourced?

Food and drink are a huge part of most wedding days so making sure the venue uses local suppliers and locally sourced ingredients can make a huge impact on how eco-friendly your wedding day is, especially if it’s a large wedding. Make sure they can also give you a variety of food choices and dietary requirements from their list of local suppliers, so you can stay ethical and cater to all your guest’s needs.

Clapton Country Club Wedding by Katy & Co. Eco friendly photographer London

o3 - How is Their Venue Powered?

Do they use recyclable energy? How much energy do you actually need to use? This comes down to both you and the venue. It’s about working in harmony; weddings use a lot of energy so reducing the energy you need and working with the venues practices can reduce your footprint considerably.

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o4 - What is Their Waste Policy?

This comes down to more than just recycling but do check their policies on waste. How and what do they recycle? Food waste at weddings is generally quite large so do they have practices in place for this? Can they box up food for guests or staff to take home? Do they donate it to local shelters? Or do they have a method of composting? 

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Do you share my green values?

These are here as a guide as you find your perfect eco wedding venue. There are lots of other ways that venues can be more sustainable but checking these things off the list is definitely a good place to start!
If you want more green wedding ideas then see my work here, or if you’re still looking for a photographer for your eco wedding get in touch!

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