5 Questions To Ask When You're Looking For An Eco-Friendly Wedding Photographer

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With our impact on the planet growing by the day we should all be aiming to be more eco-friendly in our everyday lives. When it comes to special occasions the impacts can be bigger, meaning if you are planning a wedding or a large event, being kind to the planet and thinking about using more sustainable practices will have a big impact on working towards a greener planet.

However, having an eco-friendly wedding doesn’t mean you have to compromise on style. The great news is there are lots of wedding businesses out there now that are much more eco-conscious than in previous years including me.

The planet is at the heart of everything I do, so I wanted to share with you some questions and advice on what you should be asking when you’re looking for an eco-friendly wedding photographer. A lot of these will carry over into other suppliers too!

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o1 - How Eco Are You?

This one is self-explanatory when it comes to finding an eco-friendly wedding photographer or supplier. If you ask this question and there is little or no response then the photographer probably isn’t very eco-conscious. However, they may do it subconsciously and it might be something they don’t advertise themselves as so don’t rule them out completely; it’s good to ask some other questions too.

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o2 - What Are Your Recycling Practices?

When working on a wedding, photographers will use lots of printing materials, paper, ink, as well as day to day items, so it’s important to know their recycling practices when it comes to these. There are easy ways to recycle all the products we use so ask.

Clapton Country Club Wedding by Katy & Co. Eco friendly photographer London

o3 - Do You Support Local Businesses?

Any wedding business that supports other local businesses will make an eco-friendlier wedding supplier. I use a local printmaker which is completely carbon neutral & the UK’s only vegan printer. I also have all my wedding books and prints made and produced close by in London.

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o4 - How Do You Minimise Your Carbon Footprint?

Minimising our carbon footprint will have a huge impact on the planet, so is super important when you’re planning a more eco-friendly wedding. As an eco-friendly wedding photographer, public transport is my go-to. I only hire cars when I have to and I hire my photography equipment. As a thank you for booking me, I’ll donate £50 to the National Trust, which will plant 10 trees in celebration of your day. Trees breathe life into our world, and they are a vital part of tackling climate change!

wedding group photos - relaxed, natural and fun!

o5 - Do You Use Any Single-Use Plastic?

Single-use plastics are one of the world’s biggest polluters, most of the single-use plastic produced ends up in landfill and roughly 12.7 million tons ends up in the ocean every year. So make sure your wedding photographer is up to speed with reducing this waste. As part of my package, you’ll get an online private gallery to download and share, meaning no more redundant USB sticks.

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Do you share my green values?

As an eco-friendly wedding photographer myself, I’m conscious of my impact on the environment and try to reduce it as much as I can, at every part of the process. I’m far from perfect, but I’m committed to sustainability and I’m learning every day. Being kind to the planet doesn’t mean sacrificing quality. If you would like to know more about me and my availability get in touch!

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